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I just have to say that Ryan you are the best! Great customer service. You represent a great company and a great product! Thank you.
Jordan Sund Oct 17, 2017
purchased the starter kit with the upgraded pump and dual nozzle, i'm glad i did.
I wen't with Mistking over others purely based on suggestions from forums. I do wish i went with the repeat timer though instead of the regular seconds timer. Better online comparisons between the features of the 3 types would have probably made me chose the repeat timer over the basic one. Other than that, i am VERY happy with the system and it is MUCH quieter than i would have guessed! Would recommend to others in a heartbeat!
Mike Grimes Sep 24, 2017
The mistking systems work great! They might cost a little more, but it is absolutely worth it. I will admit I have had bad luck getting the wrong items in my shipments, but I have always recieved the correct item eventually, free of charge.

Today I own 3 mistking systems.
They have all worked perfectly since day 1. Before I upgraded to mistking I had used cheaper systems that all ended up breaking down within 6 months, which cost me both time and money. Trust me, its not worth it. Buy Quality :)
Johan Ahlgren Aug 3, 2017
Just wanted to say that I got my mistking yesterday, and it's one of the best things EVER!!!!! I already love it!! Peepers (my chameleon) is not to find of it yet but I think after a while he will come to love it as much as I do!!!

If anyone is on the fence about spending the money for a mistking (like I was for a while) I will tell you its worth every penny!!!!!!!
Angie Jul 15, 2017
I've been using MistKing misters for quite a few years now with great success. In my opinion, there is no comparison when it comes to misting systems. MistKing is definitely the King of this market.

I have also have one of their Jungle Hobbies LED light from when they were first released. The tank this is over is thriving. The color in the plants really pop under this!

-Jerrod K.
Jerrod K. Jun 28, 2017
Mist King is the unquestionably the best! And they have some sweet magnets
Steve Devellices May 30, 2017
I was very pleased to switch my misting system over to MistKing (should have been my first choice, take note!). The pumps and nozzles/heads are top notch and when I had questions Marty was very responsive and provided support in troubleshooting my issue. I highly recommend both service and products. I know I'll be back.
David Broome Mar 30, 2017
Mistking is the best Misting system for my paludarium. Monsoon RS-400 was my last set up but totally unhappy with it, Once i received my Mistking, the units installs in minutes, but takes time to perfect the setup, i.e neatness, looking nice and concealed. Thank You Mistlking for the Amazing product not to mention the fast response on questions on everything.

Jakarta, Indonesia
Naga Natio Feb 18, 2017
bought one for my frogs and it is by far the best system. I have tried a lot. For the money it is worth every penny and more. i would not buy any other misting system! You guys did it right!
david lawrence Jan 31, 2017
I ordered the Ultimate System for my little green house, and it is the best choice I made. Everything is built to last, the reptile fogger I used look likes a toy when I compare it to the MistKing. The mist is very fine and 3 nozzles are enough to reach everywhere of my green house. Now I can be worry-free when the summer comes again. I can leave the system with a large water tank and let it runs for days before refilling. And I must mention how nice Marty is. I was a little confused when I try to install the system, and Marty helped me quick and nice! You can tell he knows the system well. Wonderful products, great customer service, I will surely stay with MistKing. I hope more people knows about MistKing.

Thank you, Marty, for the great products and your help.
Kai Tam Jan 23, 2017