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Hygrostat/Thermometer HT-24

Hygrostat/Thermometer HT-24
Our price: 79.50

New product that works with any misting system. This controller works by constantly monitoring humidity on the probe. Based on current reading and required humidity HT-24 will activate the misting system as needed. Excellent choice when desired humidity needs to be achieved. It can be connected to a 110V or 220V system with no problems. Box of 50pcs. For more information on the timer click here

Main features of MistKing Hygrostat Controller HT-24
  • Backlit LCD Control Panel
  • Remote Humidity / Temperature Probe.
  • Ability to precisely set Day & Night humidity
  • Ability to specify when Day & Night modes start
  • Manual override allows for misting without affecting timer setup.
  • This timer has a rechargeable battery that keeps settings in case of a power failure.
  • Low humidity alarm
  • Variance setting which allows for specific humidity drop before engaging the pump
  • Low voltage, connects to existing MistKing power supply.
  • Designed specifically for use with MistKing misting systems.

    Day: Maintain 75% humidity
    Night: Maintain 60% humidity
    Low Humidity Alarm: 40% (Will beep if RH will drop to 40%)
    Variance 5% (ie. will raise humidity to 75% but will allow for a drop to 70% before turning on the system again)

    Great addition to a small greenhouse or anything where precise humidity control is required.

Weight 0.75 lbs
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