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The customer service really is "fanatical customer service". I was the completely wrong customer that Marty emailed back and forth with almost 30 times. He never lost his cool or anything. I really recommend this product. Not just because they have the best misting spray nozzle even, but mainly because of the Owner Marty.
Beau Perry Sep 4, 2018
I wanted the best and got the best!

Customer service was quick by email before and after the sell and the mister was shipped very fast!

I have no complaints and am satisfied! (Ribbit)
Scott Crawford Jun 7, 2018
I had troubles with a timer and my problem was resolved within 20 minutes. Awesome, especially because it was on Sunday, around 11 pm. A great service!
Natalia Apr 23, 2018
I ordered two ultimate mistking systems set up one could not get it to work. There support is the greatest they went thru the entire setup with me .Trust me I’m totally clueless but they had patience and helped me thru it . I can’t sing there praise enough. I’m telling all my friends if they want a misting system definitely go to mistking
Victor Apr 22, 2018
I set out to build a custom Orchid enclosure for my dearest friend, the requirements to grow and rehab Orchids are some of the tightest tolerances you could have. The starter mister and Led kit have already git some tough plants growing flower stalks, this is some amazing gear!!!
Jerry B Apr 21, 2018
the best product out there and the best customer service you will ever get period.
eduardo torres Apr 16, 2018
I chose to use a MistKing system to maintain relative humidity in my Intermediate Orchid Greenhouse. The system has worked flawlessly for me. The system was easy to install and the aftercare support provided by Marty is exemplary. Any questions are promptly answered via email by a knowledgeable human being which really makes a difference! I would recommend this system to anyone who is serious about growing exotic plants or keeping exotic reptiles/amphibians.

Oliver's Greenhouse Mar 25, 2018
Have had my mistaking starter set running for two weeks now, super happy with it. So glad we researched misting systems before I just purchased something. Easy set up, and is so much fun to see it go off in my cages. Our reptiles are so much happier, and we don’t have to kill our arms spraying cages by hand every day!
Juan Mar 22, 2018
I use a MistKing misting system with 9 misting nozzles to water in my orchidarium. This past Sunday morning the nozzles were spitting out water rather than the usual misting. I emailed MistKing and had a response within 1 hour with some helpful advise. After several emails back and forth the system was up and running within 2 hrs. MistKing really care about their customers and offer exemplary customer service. This is my 2nd experience were MistKing have gone above and beyond my expectations.
Heather A. Feb 27, 2018
Having been using a Mistking v4 with two sprayers for about six months, ifind this an amazing mister unit.
The only shame is the abismal service here in the UK, I have been unfortuant enough to be sold poor ro water by my supplier this has blocked my nozzles, and they cannot be purchased in the UKonly complete assembalies some what of a bummer,surely the UK importer should make all parts avaliable not just the expensive parts shame as superb unit
Michael Goldberger Jan 19, 2018